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Toward The Unknown Hits Print!
(Carrie digs out wallet and heads to nearest magazine store...)

Wings TTU Article The June 2002 issue of Wings magazine includes a 12 page article on the film Toward The Unknown. Lots of beeeeuuutiful and unique photos grace this article by Wayne Peterson. Go out and buy a copy (or two or three in my case) - it is a MUST for any TTU fan. And a side note - Mike Machat is now the editor and printer for Wings/Airpower.

Just Stating a Fact!
The June 2002 issue of Flight Journal Magazine has an article about the Best Aviation Films on Video, by James Farmer. Mr. Farmer is kind enough to mention that Toward The Unknown is one of many aviation films not avaialble on DVD or VHS (amen!).

X-2 Crash Photos
Death of 6674 Site fan Rex D. was kind enough to ship over some screen captures from a 1982 NBC special called "The Rocket Pilots". I haven't seen too many photos of the crash location, so thought this might be an interesting addition. View Photos

Everone Has Class...
Including Mel Apt. Check out these photos from the 1954 AFFTC Yearbook, Experimental Flight Test Pilot School page. Bob White was in his class also.

And from eagle-eyed visitor Dale M: Look for 1st Lt. Robert F. Titus down near the lower right corner in the class photo.  Lt. Col. Bob Titus went on to fly combat in the F-4C Phantom over SE Asia.  He shot down a MiG-21 on May 20, 1967, and two more MiG-21s on May 22, 1967.

Thanks to Scott K. for the scans (check out his XB-70 site)

Must Buy - "X-15 The NASA Mission Reports"
I'm a bit late on this, but X plane fans must pick up a copy of this book, it's a best buy! Check it out - page 384 talks about the move "X-15" and "Toward the Unknown" - Check it out at Amazon.com
X-Planes Bible Has Updated Edition
Jay Miller has just put out an updated version of his X-Planes book - "The X-Planes X-1 to X-45". X-45...! I can't believe it... Check it out at Amazon.com
Space Cowboys now out on DVD
Ok, those of you who haven't seen the lovably tacky movie "Space Cowboys", with the Daedalus X-2 in it, here's your chance. Go rent it, or buy it where I got it - Amazon.com. I haven't watched my copy yet, but the DVD is supposed to have *Making of* in it. Details to come!
X-2 Mention in June 2001 Flight Journal Magazine
Small blurb under the letters to the editor section (Airdrop) from test pilot Corky Meyer. Gives some details and his memories on getting an X-2 checkout with Pete Everest. Includes a small photo of him in the X-2 with Pete showing him around.
X-2/EB-50 in Hank Caruso's Aerocatures 2001 Calendar
Whoda thought that in 2001 the X-2 would be in an aviation calendar? Hank Caruso's calendar is some of the best aviation art out there - aircraft cartoons. November features a cartoon of the X-2 being loaded onto the EB-50 Mother Ship. You can buy a copy of the calendar at Hank's Web site. Well worth the few bucks!

Hank Caruso's X-2
Just a sample part of the aerocature

X-2 Machat Painting "First Of The Spacemen"
Is the name of the painting by Mike Machat, depicting Iven Kincheloe's 126,000 ft. record flight of Sept. 7, 1956. The painting has just been accepted into the National Air & Space Museum's permanent collection. Read some of the story behind the painting.

Thanks to Mike for sending over the image and story!

Hidden X-2 Among Other Goodies in AFFTC Museum Mural
With the opening of the new Air Force Flight Test Center Museum at Edwards AFB, a wall mural by artist Mike Machat was unveiled. Titled "The Golden Age of Flight Test", this painting includes a hidden X-2 glide flight from "Toward The Unknown" - and other scenes from the movie. Find out more about the hidden scenes.

Cockpit Crash Site Found
Received word from Tony Moore that the X-2's cockpit capsule crash site was found, and the recovered artifacts were given to the AFFTC museum. I think it's time for a field trip!

Space Cowboys' Daedalus X-2

Flying Magazine, August 2000
Article: A Pilot's Director by Lane Wallace

Small article on Clint Eastwood, director of "Space Cowboys" - talks a bit about the making of the X-2 scenes in the film. Also has an interesting photo of them filming a scene in the X-2 two seat cockpit mockup. The X-2 in the film is called "Daedalus". (Didn't Daedalus get too close to the sun & have his wings melt? Good motivational name for a program!)

Movie: "Space Cowboys" - out August 4th
View the trailer for this upcoming movie, which has Hollywood's version of the X-2 flying around in the beginning of the movie (two seats!).

Moviefreak.com - Download movie trailers
Official movie site

Wings Magazine, August 2000 Volume 30, No.4
Article: Flight Test Jubilee by Mike Machat

Describes creation the new Mural for the AFFTC Museum at Edwards, painted by Mike Machat. The X-2 is proudly in front.

Also of note, 10 hidden scenes are in the Mural from TTU. So far I've found the Thunderbirds flying in formation, and the XF-120 & F-100 taking off. If you know of more, please let me know!


Flight Journal magazine, August, 2000
Article: Bell's Trisonic X-2 A lean, mean, flying machine by Jay Miller

Great overview of the X-2 program, with a good chunk of information on Mel Apt's 3+ flight. Slick, rarely seen (if never before seen) images too .Well worth the $3.95.


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