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Wanted by X-2 Fans
I have received emails from individuals looking for the below data.
If anyone has access to it, and are willing to share, please let me know
  • X-2 Dolly images and scale drawings/details
  • X-2 Scale Drawings
  • Project Patches
  • X-2 Escape System Specs


X-2 Dolly X-2 Dolly
Click on image for larger version

View drawing of the X-2 Cockpit ejection system (PDF File, 124 KB)

Thanks to Edward Williams for both!



X-Planes Book-4
The Saga of Bell X-2: First of the Spaceships
Henry Matthews
Henry Matthews Publications
If you are an X-2 fan, you MUST buy this book - it is the best, and only book on the X-2. It is only available through the author. Mr. Matthews also has other excellent books on X Planes.

The X-Planes
Jay Miller
Orion Books
Out of print book on the X-planes through the X-29. Includes a think chapter on the X-2.

The Fastest Man Alive
Brig. Gen. Frank K. Everest, Jr. with John Guenther (Lt. Col. for earlier editions)
Printed: 1958, 1990
Mandatory book if you are an X-2 fan - This is Pete Everest's autobiography, up to 1958. Good reading. Can be found in a newer, paperback form, put out by Bantam Books.

First of the Spacemen, Iven C. Kincheloe, Jr.
James. J. Haggerty, Jr.
Old biography on Iven Kincheloe - haven't seen it around much.


"Fastest Man Alive"
By Mike Machat
Usually found signed by Mike Machat and Pete Everest

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