X-2 Sightings

Books Covering the X-2 Program (Updated January 2018)

X-2 magazine and newspaper article reference.

A Technical Review of the X-2
Bell Aircraft
Compiled by Edward Williams

Bell X-2 (Osprey X Planes 6)
Peter E. Davies

Rocketing Into the Future - The History and Technology of Rocket Planes
Michel van Pelt

The Fastest Man Alive
Lt. Col. Frank K. Everest, Jr. as told to John Guenther

First of the Spacement - Iven Kincheloe, Jr.
James J. Haggerty, Jr.

Jean "Skip" Ziegler
Henry Matthews

The Saga of the Bell X-2 - First of the Spaceships -The Untold Story
Henry Matthews

The X-Planes: X-1 to X-45
Jay Miller

X Plane Crashes
Peter W. Merlin and Tony Moore

X-15 - The World's Fastest Rocket Pland and the Pilots Who Ushered in the Space Race
John Anderson and Richard Passman
Includes small chapters on the X-2 and it's contribution to the X-15 program. Richard Passman was chief aerodynamicist for the X-2.


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