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John K. sent over a photo of his pride and joy: an original X-2 model with a base of parts he found at the crash site.





Craft Industries X-2 Model KitCraft Industries X-2 Model Kit
A few facts from the individual who sent the kit images over...Very rare kit, that supposedly used the same molds as the desk models. Rumor has it there are only 10 floating around, so if you have one, hold on to it (or email Carrie :0)

View the inside of the Kit

Also, thanks to Christian B., view the decal sheet, instructions and full box art

- Model images courtesy of a private colletor

X Models, once owned by Pete Everest
The X-2 model is 17 inches long (including the pitot tube) and thirteen inches in wing span. The base is nine inches tall to the bottom of the airplane. The wooden portion is mahogany and has the exact same plastic base the Randy Cannon model has sitting on top of the wooden portion. The vertical post is chromed metal. The model appears to be made from plastic and is probably vacuum formed in construction. There are no markings to indicate the manufacturer and BGen Everest could not recall exactly when or where he received it. This lack of recall is in direct contrast to the specific event of his receiving the X-1 from Mr. Bell and the X-3 from Douglas Jr.

- Private Collection

From Germany
Thomas Hopfensperfer's beautiful 1:72 X-2 diorama. More photos


X-2 Factory Desk Model
This model was bought off of eBay in beat up (& yellow) condition. Randy restored the model to new, and had Pete Everest sign the base in silver pen!

- Randy Cannon

X-2 1/48 Scale Model

More details on the model

- Robb Briggs

X-2 1/48 Scratch Built Photo & Pete Everest Autogr.

When they don't build one, you do!

- Randy Cannon (model), Tony Landis (stuff)

X-2, XF-120 1/200 Scale Models for Toward The Unknown

- Tony Landis


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