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1/72 XB-51
Execuform model built by Pat Hawkey, given a home by Mike Clemente

Model by Pat Hawkey for Mike Clemente

F-100 Factory Desk Model
Model of mine - another favorite plane
- Carrie

XB-70 Factory Model

- Dale Messimer

X-15 Factory Model

- Dale Messimer

X-15 1/48 Scale Scratch Built Model (yup)

- Randy Cannon (model), Tony Landis (stuff)

NF-104 1/200 Scale Models

Shown is each NF-104 built, in markings during their respective flying days

- Tony Landis

XB-70 Stuff

The "wedge" and Zippo are both items that were flown, the model is the 1/300 scale minicraft release of the old Entex kit.
- Tony Landis

XB-51 1/200 Scale Models

- Tony Landis

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