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From Thomas Hopfensperfer in Germany

An absolutely beautiful X-2 model and diorama!

...From time to time I write articles for the leading German modelling magazine.  In June 2010, there is my rendition in 1:72. www.modellfan.de shows parts of the article.

There is Bob (Rohrer) leaning on the jeep, while Kincheloe sits in the Starbuster.

Robb Briggs

Robb Briggs sent me some photos of an X-2 model he recently had built. Here's what he has to say, "The X-2 photos are as the plane appeared in early September, 1956, just after the flight to 126,000 ft. As you can see, it was pretty much "weathered" from the high speeds and dive back into the atmosphere from 24 miles up. The modeller who buillt it, under my instructions, is Dave Wilke. I painted the "crew".

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X-2 diorama X-2 diorama
X-2 diorama X-2 diorama

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