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General X-2 Photos
X-2: In the Air and on the Lakebed

X-2 Team
X-2 Pilots & Team

Quantum Leap Mock-up
Quantum Leap TV Show Mock-up, Chino, CA

EB-50 Mothership

Toward the Unknown, Bob Rohrer Collection
On the set of Toward the Unknown

Photos from the Bob Rohrer Collection
About Bob/Biography

Bob Rohrer Collection
Bob Rohrer Collection X-2 Photos

X-2 Print, Art, Museums
The X-2 in Print, Artwork & Museums

Rocket Powered X-2 Model
Dave Schaefer's 1/5 Scale
Rocket Powered X-2 Model

6674 Tail
Final Flight of 6674
September 27, 1956

Two-chambered XLR-25 rocket engine
Aviation Hall of Fame of New Jersey in Teterboro

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