Arizona or Bust
Arizona or Bust - June 2002
My 2002 vacation was a trip to Arizona (and of couse I was on my lookout for X-2 sightings while there). The largest "concentration" I found was in Tucson at the Pima Air and Space Museum - Pete Everest country. I was disappointed to see their small display of Gen. Everest was gone, but the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame has a display for him.

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X-2 Model X-2 Model in Pima's space exploration building. They have a handful of these large models for some of the X-planes
Everest display This is the old Gen. Everst display the museum had on display at one time. The items were from the General himself to the museum
Chief's Headdress A close up of Pete's "chief" helmet. You can see him wearing this helmet in some X-2 photos
Hall of Fame Display Gen. Everest's Hall of Fame Display (each individual in the HOF has a display such as this)
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Tucson has a lot more things, or course...

C-141 OD Did You Know...
There are 2 Starlifters in storage at AMARC for every resident of Tucson? (just kidding)
Titan South of Tucson is the Titan Missile Museum - the only musem of its type in existance. Tour an underground missile silo.

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