Bell X-2 Photo Album

Photos on the set of the movie Toward The Unknown

From the Bob Rohrer Collection. Go to the X-2 Photo Album home page.

Bob Rohrer, William Holden & Charles McGraw. "This scene had to be filmed about five times. On the first take, Holden flubbed his lines. We had to put Holden back in the cockpit, put the canopy back on, pull the vehicles back and start over. Hank, Smitty and I get back in the Jeep and start over. This time Link removes the wrong glove first. "Cut." I got to feel comfortable with this and on one take when Mickey says "How was it Link" and he replies "you oughta know." I decide to act a little bit. I looked up and smiled at Link. This was the take that they used. They cropped the frame so his hands wouldn't show."