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Life’s Tough, Get a Helmet

Had to chuckle when I found this photo in the Life Magazine archive. Pete Everest, lighting one up in the car.


Edwards AFB Housing in Quantum Leap

Back in November, I posted some photos of what the South Base housing area at Edwards AFB looks like now. Not long after, I received an email from Quantum Leap follower Jon G. with some screen captures from the first episode. Sure enough, that episode was filmed at the old housing area. I believe this would have been filmed in 1988-89 for the 1989 episode.

Quantum Leap Edwards Housing
Quantum Leap Edwards Housing
Quantum Leap Edwards Housing
Quantum Leap Edwards Housing
Quantum Leap Edwards Housing
Quantum Leap Edwards Housing

Edwards AFB 2016: Then and Now

I’ve just added a page to the website with a bunch of photos from sites at Edwards as they appeared then vs. today. I had a ton of fun digging around and making screen captures from movies for the “Then” pieces.  Photos include sites from The Right Stuff, Toward The Unknown, North Base, X-2 sites and more.

What's left of the old South Base housing area, as seen from the commander's house hill.

What’s left of the old South Base housing area, as seen from the commander’s house hill.

Edwards Celebrates 60 Years of Toward The Unknown

On October 20, Edwards AFB had a little bit of fun to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the movie Toward The Unknown. Back in 1956, TTU premiered at the Edwards base theater, still around today. That day was also the grand opening for the new theater. Stars in attendance back then for the premiere included William Holden, Virginia Leith, James Garner and more. For this year’s event, the movie was shown three times during the day, included a classic car show in the parking lot, and encouraged folks to dress like it was the 1950s.

While I wasn’t able to attend, site contributors Tony Accurso & his daughter Evelyn were my on-the-spot reporters and sent over some photos:

Edwards AFB Theater

Note the movie poster & sign above the door.

57 Chevy at car show

Can’t have the 50s without some classic cars


I call myself a TTU superfan….someday Evelyn is going to take my place!

TTU Sign



Premier 1956


I also have a gallery of photos from the premier back in 1956 on the website. Be sure to check it out!

YT-38 – Then & Now

YT-38-05-NO 58-1192 Edwards AFB

Then: YT-38 58-1192 at Edwards AFB with a Corvair


Now: At the South Dakota Air & Space Museum, Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota
June 2016


October 20, 1956: Toward The Unknown Premiers at Edwards AFB

Sixty years ago today, on October 20, 1956, Toward The Unknown premiered to a gathering at the Edwards AFB Base Theater. This was also opening night for the brand new new theater. William Holden, Virginia Leith, James Garner, LQ Jones and other stars from the movie appeared for the event and party.

The Edwards community is celebrating by showing the movie in the same base theater, some 60 years later.  Check out the Edwards AFB Facebook page for video from the festivities, including a classic car show in the parking lot.

I had the opportunity to do a presentation on TTU in the base theater last month before a special showing. Yep, I wish I was there again!

October 20, 2016

Programming Alert: Toward The Unknown Nov 8

TCM will be showing Toward The Unknown November 8 @ 6 p.m. Eastern. Sure, you’ve probably seen it already, but record it on TCM HD and enjoy the sharpness!

Connie & the General


New Site Page: Kincheloe AFB Dedication

Call me weird, but a while back I watched a newsreel from 1959, talking about the dedication of Kincheloe AFB. I’ve been to what is left of Kincheloe AFB (aka Kinross AFB) in Upper Michigan a few times, but could never find the plack and boulder seen in the newsreel. So, when my dad said he was going to visit the base on a road trip, I asked him to see if he could find it. I knew something that size wouldn’t just walk away. Well, thanks to some directions from the Kinross Heritage Park and Military Museum, he found it and snapped some photos. I have added a page to the site with photos and info, also accessible from the home page.

Additional photos from the base can be found on one of my old blog posts.

Real Exciting: X-2

I have no clue what the story is that goes with the cover art (and since I’m female, I may never know since this is “for men,” lol) . Looks like the X-2 is now a fighter interceptor. From April 1957.

Real Exciting Magazine X-2 April 1957

Kincheloe Memorial – Cassopolis, Michigan

I just added a new page to the website for the Iven Kincheloe memorial in Cassopolis, Michigan, including Google Maps info. If you pass through southern lower Michigan, be sure to make a stop!