Strategic Air Command Coming to BluRay and DVD

Finally, Jimmy Stewart’s “Strategic Air Command” is coming to BluRay and DVD on October 18. More information on Olive Films’ website. It’s been a pretty good year for aviation movie releases to DVD!

A Gathering of Eagles now on DVD

For the aviation movie buffs out there, A Gathering of Eagles is finally on DVD. I’ve seen the movie a number of times off of VHS and I think half the time scenes were cut or there was a million commercials. Odd to finally watch a movie that’s complete and looks great. Widescreen as well. […]

X-2 Photo Album Status

In mid February, my website hosting company informed me of “strange” traffic to the X-2 Photo Album and they shut the entire website down. After blocking suspicious IP addresses and various other hoops requested by the host, they finally told me I had to take the album down. I was utilizing an album that they […]

The XB-47 Needs Help

I’ll just put it out there. Scrapping old, historical planes sucks. Heck, scrapping any old airplane sucks. That’s why this story…well…sucks – sort of – it can still have a happy ending.

The Chanute Air Museum in Rantoul, Illinois is closing permanently on November 1. The museum houses planes that used to be used for […]

Any F-105 or B-66 Experts in the Audience?

I recently picked up some old plane parts and I’m trying to figure out if the note that came with it has any truth. Here’s what it says:

I got these parts “-?—” from Jim Rosten 9/25/14 – he claimed they were F-105 parts that I had given him – Since I never had more […]

Upper Michigan Part 3 – Delta County Airport F-84

Right outside of Escanaba, Michigan is Delta County Airport. Sitting gate guard is a Republic F-84F. I think it may be time soon to restore this jet!


Glencoe/Strombecker X-1B

Mike sent this over this week – neat-o:

I thought I would share with you the model of the Bell X-1B that Pat Hawkey made for my collection. The kit is the 1/48 Glencoe/Strombecker X-1B model with a few modifications. He added a cockpit, pilot, new canopy, and fairing on the belly of the plane […]

Greetings from Patrick AFB!

Air Force Missile Test Center Postcard book, postmarked February 29, 1959. Neat-o!

Welcome to the New Sightings Format!

Hi everyone! I’ve decided to move the X-2 (and etc.) Sightings page to a blog format. It’ll help me manage things a bit better, plus allow you to add your comments.

The old Sightings content will remain online where it is now.

As I get used to this new format, I’ll jazz things up a […]