Toward The Unknown Playing @ Edwards October 20

If you can get on Edwards for this showing, go! Would love any photos/reports from the fans out there!

Painting Aviation’s Legends: The Art of Mike Machat

My favorite artist (and interior decorator, lol) is Mike Machat. He recently released a book with stories behind his paintings – including many of his X Plane/Edwards AFB pieces…and more. I just finished reading the book and highly recommend you pick up a copy (available at

For the Toward The Unknown fans out there, […]

60 Years of Going Toward The Unknown

Toward The Unknown is my favorite movie. Yeah, you probably know that already. It’s always interesting at work when you have a meeting icebreaker and you go around the room and say your favorite movie. While most folks mention some movie that came out last year that you never heard of, I mention my fav […]

Toward The Unknown Screen Captures

Because you need screen captures from your favorite 1950s test pilot movie, has it!



Toward The Unknown at Edwards Base Theater – October 21, 1956

Just had to share this from the Edwards AFB Facebook:

#OTD 21 Oct 1956 at Edwards – Actor William Holden and other Hollywood personalities attended the opening of the new Base Theater and viewed a screening of “Toward the Unknown,” which had been filmed on the base. This marked the official opening of the new […]

December 1954 at Edwards

Did you know Mel Apt was a hero, too? He saved the life of a fellow test pilot who crashed on the Edwards lakebed. Learn more about this December 22, 1954 event, which feels like Toward the Unknown in a number of ways.


Celebrate James Garner’s Life

With a movie marathon this July 28 on TCM! Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper salute without Toward The Unknown, Jim’s first movie. Check your local listings, but TCM is noting 6AM (likely Eastern Time).

Joe & Polly Craven

NEW FACE – – […]

William Holden: Mach Buster

From the cool files. If you happen to be the owner of this certificate, I’d love it if you could drop me a note.

Read more about the TF-86 flight where Holden earned this certificate in a past post on this blog.


Bell Aircraft Hangar at Edwards – 55+ Years Later

From the “Cool” files, Tony Accurso recently emailed me about the “rediscovery” of the Bell Aircraft hangar remains at Edwards AFB. The hangar is long gone, but the cement pad it was built upon is still in place. It is somewhat of a rediscovery simply because it was forgotten for all these years. With no […]

Lincoln’s Bond

This painting was commissioned by Tony Accurso last March for his retirement from the Air Force. If the style and theme look familiar, it is because it was done by artist Mike Machat. Learn more about this Toward the Unknown themed painting, over on the TTU site.

Congratulations to Tony and I have to […]