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Edwards AFB Housing in Quantum Leap

Back in November, I posted some photos of what the South Base housing area at Edwards AFB looks like now. Not long after, I received an email from Quantum Leap follower Jon G. with some screen captures from the first episode. Sure enough, that episode was filmed at the old housing area. I believe this […]

Additional Quantum Leap X-2 Photos

Thanks to Jeff, I’ve just added some additional Quantum Leap X-2 mockup photos from Chino. Check them out in the X-2 Photo Album.

X-2 nose artwork

Quantum Leap X-2 on Hulu

Bored? Go check out the first two episodes of Quantum Leap over on Hulu – you know – the ones with the X-2 as the star of the show.

Thanks to Benn for the heads-up!

Quantum Leap X-2 Restoration Update

Tom Dozier, team lead on the X-2 mockup restoration at the Planes of Fame museum has sent over some restoration progress photos. Check out the pics in the X-2 Photo Album.


Wanted: Scale X-2 Drawings

Bumping up for Tom Dozier . . . he had left a comment on a past post. And Tom confirmed, yes, this is the Quantum Leap X-2 mockup.

If you know, leave a comment!

Does anyone have any scale drawings, even from this model? I am the team leader of the restoration for static display […]

Capt. Thomas Stratton

Does the name ring a “bell” at all? He’s the X-2 pilot from the Quantum Leap X-2 episode. Jon Goto recently sent me a closeup of the X-2 mockup with the Captain’s name stenciled on it. The photo has been added to the Photo Album.

New X-2 Mockup Photos

Thanks to J. Goto for sending over some great photos of the X-2 mockup used in the television show Quantum Leap.

Photos #1 and 2

The pics are from October 1994 at the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, CA. The mockup is still there today, but in pretty bad condition.