Motion Picture Herald – September 22, 1956

Chances are, you’ve never heard of the magazine Motion Picture Herald. If you were a theater owner back in the day, you did. This was the source for all the dirt on movies coming up as well as performance of what was playing at that time. In the September 22 issue, Warner Brothers promoted Toward The Unknown in a two page color ad. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a good scan of the Life magazine sized pages without disassembling it (no staples). I’ve added my pieced together scan over in the TTU Photo Album, page 5.

The interesting piece is the “First Engagements” portion at the bottom of the ad: Baltimore, Buffalo and New York. I recall seeing an article talking about what I believe was the Baltimore premiere with ARDC big wigs. I want to say Iven Kincheloe and other pilots were there. Buffalo was likely for the Bell Aircraft folks. I’m partial to the ad for having the Ad Inexplorata crest in it.

Motion Picture Herald Ad


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