New Site Page: Kincheloe AFB Dedication

Call me weird, but a while back I watched a newsreel from 1959, talking about the dedication of Kincheloe AFB. I’ve been to what is left of Kincheloe AFB (aka Kinross AFB) in Upper Michigan a few times, but could never find the plack and boulderĀ seen in the newsreel. So, when my dad said he was going to visit the base on a road trip, I asked him to see if he could find it. I knew something that size wouldn’t just walk away. Well, thanks to some directions from the Kinross Heritage Park and Military Museum, he found it and snapped some photos. I have added a page to the site with photos and info, also accessible from the home page.

Additional photos from the base can be found on one of my old blog posts.

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