Visiting the Stratobowl

Mt. Rushmore, Needles Highway, Custer State Park, the Stratobowl. The what?

Yep, the Stratobowl. A trip to South Dakota’s Black Hills is not complete without a trip to the Stratobowl – at least for me. This is where my husband’s eyes roll and he goes, “oh, that place again.” Located right off of US-16 as […]

Iven Kincheloe Mackay Trophy – Airman Magazine

Airman Magazine has an extensive collection of photography on for download. Recently, they posted an issue from August 1957, including a blub on Iven Kincheloe being awarded the Mackay Trophy. Kinch earned the trophy for his altitude breaking flight in the X-2 in September 1956 :

Full Page/Issue – Airman Magazine


Strategic Air Command Coming to BluRay and DVD

Finally, Jimmy Stewart’s “Strategic Air Command” is coming to BluRay and DVD on October 18. More information on Olive Films’ website. It’s been a pretty good year for aviation movie releases to DVD!