60 Years of Going Toward The Unknown

Toward The Unknown is my favorite movie. Yeah, you probably know that already. It’s always interesting at work when you have a meeting icebreaker and you go around the room and say your favorite movie. While most folks mention some movie that came out last year that you never heard of, I mention my fav and have to append an elevator speech to it: “A 1956 movie about a rocket plane and test pilots at Edwards Air Force Base. William Holden’s in it.” The millennials go “oh” and the other folks go “ah” when they hear William Holden.

60 years ago this Fall, Toward The Unknown was released in theaters. 60 years later, I think it’s safe to say that folks haven’t forgotten about the movie. I can base that on all of the emails I’ve received over the years. Many remember watching it on the Late Late show, others looking for a copy.

For years, many folks tried to get TTU on DVD. Finally, around 5 years ago, WB released it.  Soon after that, TCM started showing it, and in HD. To this day, I record it each time it’s on – and even have a locked, saved copy on our DVR at all times. Watching it in HD, I’m always watching the background for little details like names on lockers and models on desks.

Edwards AFB has been having fun with the anniversary too, showing behind-the-scenes photos on social media – even stuff I haven’t seen. Yep, leave it to Carrie to get all excited over a 60 year old picture she’s seeing for the first time.

Anyhow, watch the website & blog for more info this year!

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