A Visit to Kincheloe/Kinross AFB

A trip to the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) isn’t complete without a visit to a cold war site. The UP, one of the last lines of defense from the Canadians (just kidding), is a smorgasbord of old SAC bases, radar sites and a one-time BOMARC sites. This June, our travels took us past the […]

Giant X-2 in Rockets Magazine

Dave Schafer’s rocket powered X-2 model is featured in the latest edition of Rockets Magazine.

Download a free PDF of the magazine at www.RocketsMagazine.com.

Dragonfly Squadron DVD/Blu-Ray

I’ve never seen Dragonfly Squadron, but the 1954 film is coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray in October. The film is also in 3D, so I guess the “Bomb-Blasting” will be even better…

Celebrate James Garner’s Life

With a movie marathon this July 28 on TCM! Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper salute without Toward The Unknown, Jim’s first movie. Check your local listings, but TCM is noting 6AM (likely Eastern Time).

Joe & Polly Craven

NEW FACE – – […]