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Flight Test Book Club

I thought I’d start a new feature here on the blog about new & notable books that have come out about flight test and/or the X-2. I’m years and years behind, so I’ve started a bit of a list of books over on the website to start from.

The first book comes from the Netherlands […]

Technical Review of the X-2

An individual recently inquired about airframe construction, plans, cockpit photos of the X-2. I’d recommend A Technical Review of the X-2 which is Bell Aircraft documentation. The book is available from Lulu.com as a PDF download or a bound book. The page featuring the print book has a “preview” link right below the image cover […]

Fitz Fulton Reading

Fitz Fulton is getting his time in the spotlight with some recent publications:

Air & Space Magazine Dec/Jan 2014 Issue “He Flew the Motherships”,Vol. 28. No. 6. pp. 52-59

The magazine website also has a “Meet Fitz Fulton” feature.

Also, Fitz published his autobiography in 2013:

Father of the […]