The Right Stuff on Blu-Ray

If you have a Blu-ray player, I’d recommend picking up a copy of The Right Stuff, which came out this month. The picture and sound are probably better than you’ve ever seen, even on the big screen. It also comes with a second disk of extras. I watched my favorite scenes – I need to […]

Starbuster Returns

Mike Machat was kind enough to share a new panting he completed for a client:

“Starbuster Returns” depicts the first powered flight of the X-2 flown by Lt. Col. Pete Everest on November 18, 1955. Passing through 10,000 feet, Everest deployed the landing gear on approach for a right-hand pattern to lakebed Runway 27 […]

Edwards AFB 1956 Open House

Neat-o – the only thing missing here is Lincoln Bond.