Toward The Unknown on Turner Classic Movies

I never thought I’d ever write this – Turner Classic Movies will be showing Toward The Unknown on November 12, 12:45 p.m. Central. To my knowledge, this is the first time ever.

So…if you’ve warn out your TTU DVD already, here’s another chance to watch.

Hint: If you get TCM HD, watch it there – […]

X-2 Memorial, 55 Years Later

It’s so nice to hear that the X-2 and Capt. Mel Apt haven’t been forgotten. Fifty-five years after the crash, Tony Accurso and a group assembled at the X-2 crash site to honor the Capt. Apt. Here’s his recap (Thanks, Tony!):

On Tuesday, 27 Sep 11, several base personnel including myself, my daughter […]

Capt. Apt 55th Anniversary Article

Just spotted this: Oct. 5 article from Edwards AFB…

Starbuster: 55 years ago Capt. Mel Apt conquered Mach 3, lost life on fated flight

New X-2 Artwork

Photographer and artist John Bedke forwarded me this recent X-2 piece of his. See the rest of John’s work at

X-2 Crash Site Memorial in the Works

Fifty five years after his fatal crash, a memorial is in the works to honor Capt. Mel Apt and the Bell X-2. Located in the Kramer Hills area, just east of Edwards AFB, the crash site memorial will be installed this Fall or Winter.

Many thanks to Greg Frazier for spearheadding this effort and keeping […]