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Widow of ‘first spaceman’ Kincheloe Jr. recalls husband

The South Bend Tribune has a interview with Dorothy Kincheloe. It’s nice to see Dorothy and the family remembered 50 years later!

Print/save the article now – they only stay up for a week or so.

Air Trails Pictorial 1950

Just added a new photo to the Toward The Unknown/XB-51 Gallery thanks to Doug Nelson: The cover of the April 1950 Air Trails Pictorial magazine with a pretty ominous XB-51. Looks more like something from Germany in WWII!

Update: Hank Caruso was kind enough to share that the artist of the magazine cover was Frank […]

Capt. Thomas Stratton

Does the name ring a “bell” at all? He’s the X-2 pilot from the Quantum Leap X-2 episode. Jon Goto recently sent me a closeup of the X-2 mockup with the Captain’s name stenciled on it. The photo has been added to the Photo Album.

Kincheloe Vs. White

OK, this frosts me a bit. The South Bend Tribune recently ran an article about Iven Kincheloe and Robert White, but I just found out they only keep stories online for a week. Here’s a blurb I was able to grab from CollectSpace.com:

Who was the first man in space?

Cassopolis […]