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X-2 Model Retires to Edwards

Remember the photos I posted last year about Dave Schaefer’s 1/5 rocket-powered X-2 model? The model is back, but this time at home…at Edwards AFB.

Dave donated the model to the Air Force Flight Test Center museum in September. The model will help tell the seldom told story of the X-2 and also honor all who worked on the program.

But before it stopped at the museum, Dave and Tony Accurso took the model over to the X-2 rocket engine test stand on South Base. As close as a time machine as you can get.

Check out more photos in the photo album. Thanks to Tony for the update!

X-2 Model at Test Stand

Iven Kincheloe in October Air Classics Magazine

Head to the magazine store and pick up the October issue of Air Classics magazine. The issue features a 10 page article on Iven Kincheloe by Mike Machat. Plenty of photos, many in color.

October 2015 Air Classics Magazine Cov

Any F-105 or B-66 Experts in the Audience?

I recently picked up some old plane parts and I’m trying to figure out if the note that came with it has any truth. Here’s what it says:

I got these parts “-?—” from Jim Rosten 9/25/14 – he claimed they were F-105 parts that I had given him – Since I never had more than a few F-105 pcs, that was impossible. Recently the # I scratched on them, it turns out they’re from WB-66D #55-0392 at the Robins AFB aviation museum that I went to often – I have other plane parts from there – But I have no recollection of how I got the parts (dumpster?). Got them out of the museum, or giving them to Jim!

To me it seems odd to have parts from a museum plane, unless they had some restoration efforts at some point.  Anyhow, if you know anything about the parts (look familiar, etc.), drop me a comment!

Latch Back

Part A: Latch Back. The Part number/patent number is for a flush latch assembly.

Latch Front

Part A: Latch Front


Part B: Front


Part B: Back

Back - Note Someone Has Scratched in "F-105" and tail number

Part C: Back – Note Someone Has Scratched in “F-105” and tail number


Part C: Front

Detail of scratch in

Part C: Detail of scratch in

Close up of part numbers?

Part C: Close up of part numbers?

December 1954 at Edwards

Did you know Mel Apt was a hero, too? He saved the life of a fellow test pilot who crashed on the Edwards lakebed. Learn more about this December 22, 1954 event, which feels like Toward the Unknown in a number of ways.

F-94 scene from Toward The Unknown. Photo via ThisDayInAviation.com

X-2 at Black Rock

Dave Schaefer is out having fun again, this time flying his 1/5 scale rocket-powered X-2 at Black Rock, Nevada this September!  Photos have also been added to the X-2 album.


Upper Michigan Part 3 – Delta County Airport F-84

Right outside of Escanaba, Michigan is Delta County Airport. Sitting gate guard is a Republic F-84F. I think it may be time soon to restore this jet!

Delta County F-84




Upper Michigan Part 2 – A Visit to the the 753d Radar Squadron

Another stop on our trip to Upper Michigan was the 753d Radar Squadron site, just outside of Sault Ste. Marie right off of I-75.  Heading north on I-75, you can see it easily – just look for the large building on top of the hill, west side of the interstate.  The site is about a block off of the highway, right off of Radar Road.  The old buildings are now occupied by local residents and the old dish tower is now home to cellular antennas.

Radar Tower

Radar Road

View of the tower

753 Radar SquadronPatch

Memorial to a Forgotten Astronaut

Thought folks might find this article on the Mike Adams memorial interesting:

Mojave Journal: Memorial to a Forgotten Astronaut

A Visit to Kincheloe/Kinross AFB

Kincheloe DriveA trip to the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) isn’t complete without a visit to a cold war site. The UP, one of the last lines of defense from the Canadians (just kidding), is a smorgasbord of old SAC bases, radar sites and a one-time BOMARC sites. This June, our travels took us past the old Kincheloe (once Kinross) AFB and a one-time radar site in Sault Ste. Marie.

Kincheloe AFB
The old Strategic Air Command/Air Defense base is right off of I-75 at Exit 378.  Named after Iven Kincheloe in 1959, today the base is a mix of Chippewa County International Airport, prison, residences and businesses. Driving in, it appears that the old base main entrance sign is replaced with a smattering of ads for local businesses. In the past, the terminal for the public airport was the old alert building for SAC B-52 crews. Continuing around the airport, there are old military style buildings everywhere and we even drove past a flagpole and courtyard which may have been for the headquarters.

Many of the large SAC hangars still exist with manufacturers now in their place. You can drive on the apron between the row of hangars and the one-time ramp also has the old lighting in place. Too bad the ADC alert hangars aren’t around more.

No one gave us any issues for driving around and taking photos. I’d just advise staying away from the prison and from what you can tell is private property.

On the way in is the Kinross Historical Society, which advertises a military museum. We never make it in time to get in, but it might be a good stop if you’re in the area.

Watch for part 2 with a visit to the radar squadron site.

 Kincheloe Naming Ceremony, 1959

Kincheloe Hangar

kincheloe hangar


Kincheloe Hangar

Giant X-2 in Rockets Magazine

Rockets MagazineDave Schafer’s rocket powered X-2 model is featured in the latest edition of Rockets Magazine.

Download a free PDF of the magazine at www.RocketsMagazine.com.