XF-120 Image Edwards AFB Units, 1956
All of the following units were taken from the
Air Force Flight Test Center (ARDC) 1957 Yearbook.
Sq: Squadron, Gp: Group, ABG: Air Base Group,
AACS: Airways and Air Communications Service
Det 21, 4th Weather Gp
16th Physiological Training Flight
511th Air Force Band
1801st AACS Gp
1925th AACS Sq
6510th Air Base Gp
6510th Air Police Sq 6510th ABG
6510th Food Services Sq 6510th ABG
6510th Support Sq (Rocket)
6510th Test Group (Parachute)
6510th USAF Hospital6510th ABG
6511th Test Gp (Parachute)
6512th School Sq (Test Pilot)
6513th Supply Sq 6510th ABG
6514th Transportation Sq6510th ABG
6515th Field Maintenance Sq6515th Maint Gp
6515th Flight Line Maintenance Sq (Cargo, Misc.) 6515th Maint Gp
6515th Food Services Sq (Parachute) 6510 ABG
6515th Maintenance Gp (Test Pilot)
6516th Flight Line Maintenence Sq 6515th Maint Gp
6517th Flight Line Maintenence Sq (Fighter)6515th Maint Gp
6515th Field Maintenance Sq6515th Maint Gp

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