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Kincheloe AFB Dedication Plack
Kinross, MI

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Photos taken in September 2016 on the grounds of the former Kincheloe AFB.
Additional base photos.

Kincheloe AFB Dedication Plaque

Kincheloe Air Force Base
Dedicated 25 September 1959
In Memory of
Iven Carl Kincheloe, Jr.
Captain, United States Air Force

Born in Detroit, Michigan, on 2 July 1928, he was assigned to active duty after graduating from Purdue University in 1949. Captain Kincheloe distinguished himself during the Korean Conflict as the Air Force's 10th Jet Ace with 10 aircraft destroyed. While serving with the Air Force Flight Test Center he piloted the X-2 research rocket to a record 126,200 feet on 7 September 1956 and was associated with the X-15 powered research vehicle for the "Man in Space" program. He met his death on 26 July 1958 in a military aircraft accident and he is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Decorations awarded to Captain Kincheloe included the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross Air Medal and Legion of Merit.

1959 Ceremony
Screen captures of dedication plack from newsreel covering the base dedication.
Mrs. Dorothy Kincheloe can be seen on the right. Full newsreel is below.

1959 Plack


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