A Visit to Edwards
Air Force Flight Test Museum

The AFFTC has a nice little museum, with a cool gift shop and great people. Be sure to drop some dollars their way when you visit! You can also join the Flight Test Historical Foundation, another great group.

Sign Welcome!
Everyone has a F-4 around here!
This one is out front of the museum
View of the outdoor display aircraft
View of the museum buildings
Original Mike Machat "First of the Spacemen" painting
Mike Machat Mural
NA-37B used at the TPS for support
One Slick X Plane
Original X-2 Factory model
The museum is factory model heaven!
Chunk of Mike Adams' X-15
X-15 display
X-2 plastic model (sweet!)
More factory models...
Door from Pancho's Truck
Mock X-1 built for the 50th anniversary of Supersonic Flight
Overview of the museum
Another view of the displays
Which one faster? :0)

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