A Visit to Edwards
Spots Around Edwards

Edwards has tons of history, oozing all over the place, and it's a big place. Below are some photos from some of the less traveled areas of the base. They recently made South Base *declassified* (if that is the right term), and it is a bit more open now. Some of the AFFTC Museum's planes are stored on the old ramp. Also present are some of the old hangers, and, well, what you see below.

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Sign F-104 in the living areas
X-1 Loading Pit at South Base
Another view of the Pit
The Flight Test Center Museum has a collection of aircraft at South Base
RF-8G used on X-31 as chase
NC-141A Test Bed with a F-15 nose
B-2 Avionics Test Bed
YA-7D, #2 A-7D
The only two seater built
TB-26B Invader
Calspan flying simulator used by TPS
WWII Revetment
This one was used for X-2 rocket engine testing
See the site back in the 50s - #43
View of the X-2 tiedown
Concrete Blockhouse, view of the back with the door
Back of the Revetment
Inside the Blockhouse
NB-58 sitting in the middle of nowhere near South Base - in bad shape
The dirt road Lincoln Bond took to rescue Gen. Banner at the beginning of TTU
A good end to a great day - A Wing and A Prayer Bar & Grill. Packed with X collectibles and chunks of crashed X planes.

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